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How much do you charge?

House keeping $65/hr

Standard Clean $60/hr

Freaky deep clean $70/hr

How long will it take?

This depends on the size of your house, whether you book standard or freaky, how many bathrooms- and the size of those bathrooms!

One bathroom may be small and take 20/30 mins, but another bathroom may be huge with multiple basins and shower heads etc and can take up to an hour.  For this reason I always quote my jobs before booking, so I know I can meet both of our expectations and deliver you the best result! 

Is it okay if I'm home/do I have to be out?

Whatever suits you! 

There is nothing like coming home to a freshly cleaned and smudged home!

Can you do anything not on the list?

Yes! Having a cleaner is about taking some pressure off you so you don't have to worry about miscellaneous cleaning tasks!

Hanging/ folding washing, Plant care,  organising - just discuss with me what you need done and we can work it out!

Do I have to clean up before you come?

Generally speaking people tidy up before their cleaner comes, to make the most of the cleaning service and ensure everything can be easily accessed and cleaned properly. If you would also like more of a housekeeping service as well/instead of please let me know and this can be arranged.


How do I book?

Press Enquire above, our team will respond as quickly as we can!

Please include:  Name, Postcode, Size of home and what service you'd prefer.

We are based in Mt Pleasant, Perth WA.

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